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Where can I go to meet guys my age?

i live in a really small town where there's almost nothing to do. there's the movies, bowling allie, skate park, gym, high schools, walmart, target, kohls, a college, save mart, library and a park. there's not very much to do here and I want to know where I can go to meet good looking, sweet, funny, loving and caring guys who are my age. I have a gym membership. there are some guys who go there, but I just don't know. should I approach them. if I approach them, what should I say. what could I wear to the gym that would be attractive or that a guy would like? I need help with conversation topics. I use to ask a lot of questions, but then a guy told me that I asked too many questions and that it was likely to scare guys off.
Where can I go to meet guys my age?
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