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A Question on Flattery - Girls & Guys?

Why hello there, everyone. Girls, do you like flattery? Even if you know it's just flattery and the guy is just having fun? Guys, do you flatter girls? Do you find it rewarding?

The reason I asked is because I've had a reputation as a "flatterer," -- amongst women, whatever the hell that means. Not that I mind. Mostly I use flattery to exercise my vocabulary in a way that is amusing. How can anyone turn down an improvement in one's English skills in exchange for a smile from a lovely girl?

Finally, write a flattering comment you have used recently.

To one of my (recently) former lovers, I said,

"Your skin is so pale and fair, that if snow could feel envy, it would melt itself in shame."
A Question on Flattery - Girls & Guys?
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