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Should I approach guys? what should I say if I approach them? what are good conversation topics?

ok.so,my whole life I've wanted some amazing guy like one from in the titanic,the note book or any of those other good chick flicks to approach and talk to me and to kind of be my hero,because, well, my life was good;and it was bad.it had its ups & downs,but I've always wanted a guy to come and sweep me off of my feet, to understand me,to listen to me, to help me get through my challenges,to love me for exactly who I am, to except me for every flaw, to know every flaw and love me anyway :D but guys have never just went up and talked to me the way I've always wanted them to. I'd always think, "what's wrong with me? I must just not be pretty, because no guys like me or think I'm good enough for them." I'd always see them with these super skinny blond or brunette super pretty or just average, but still super skinny girls who are all preppy or perfect where they play sports and get perfect grades. I had about a C plus average with my grades in high school. I was about average weight. my freshman and sophomore year I was about 125 pounds and 5'4 and a half which is really skinny.then, my junior year, I was about one hundred thirty to 135 pounds. I was about 145 my senior year. now I'm 132. lol. I'm saying weight as if it really matters, but yeah. I think my junior year, it might've been because I was wearing make up that was too dark for my skin. but I've been a really sweet girl throughout my life most of the time. I was a cheer leader, in track, in tennis, and in choir, not all at the same time though. but I was in choir for 9 years. I love singing. it's one of my passions :D but I was always shy before and never really talked to guys, except maybe a little bit my sophomore year throughout h.s. finally, guys were NEVER approaching me at all, so I decided that I was going to start making moves on them. I mostly did it on the internet though, like a p****. lol. I'd say hi cutie :) and say how are you and shortly run out of things to say. I have a very weird personality that a lot of people just never accepted, so it's hard for me to be myself with almost everyone.i'm a really shy girl when it comes to guys. I've always been worried about them not liking me, if I talk to them. I've also texted guys and talked to them before and they just end up completely ignoring me. why do guys always ignore me? like, I'll say hi on Facebook. sometimes, they just don't responed. or, if they do respond, I'll say how're you and they'll give me a one word answer saying good and won't ask how I'm doing in return. or. how can I not get ignored? I've also went up to guys and said hi. sometimes they'd say hi back.i was hoping that they'd try to make conversation with me I wouldn't know what else to say after hi. I thought it'd just come to me, but because I was super shy, nervous and scared of rejection, I would just stand there awkwardly xD I really need help with like things to say after hi if I approach a guy. like, conversation topics, what I should say.?any idea
Should I approach guys? what should I say if I approach them? what are good conversation topics?
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