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What is this guy's intention? Did I do something wrong?

This guy I've been talking to on PSN has messaged me first a couple times and the conversations were funny, flirty, etc. He even asked for my fb, and we live in different states. What I don't get is why doesn't he ever talk to me on fb? Like why ask for it besides "learning more" about me? And I feel like I said something wrong last week. I can't tell what his intentions are.

Two weeks ago we were in a game together on mic, and talking and whatnot, blowing each other up with grenades and having fun, and then he was teasing me and sending me heart messages and I was like "I won't fall for that! Stop that! hahah" and whatnot, and idk, after that night he stopped messaging me. I messaged him that same week on Friday or Saturday asking if he wants to play a game, and he said "oh I was going to take nap before work, sorry.." and I was like "oh that's fine you should rest", "thanks, sorry, nite," was something he said, and I said "nite night :)"

Still after that he didn't talk to me. So then Tuesday night this week his friend asked if I wanted to play a game with them and I was like sure :) and so I joined their party and everything was normal and whatnot, but again, after that match, I get nothing from him.

So I was like well sh*t, I should message him since he always initiated, so I did, and I get generic responses. And it's already been two weeks now. I messaged him last night too and we talked about U3, but then he just dropped the convo. (it was a really short convo, probably 4 messages at most between us). I only initiated the convos two times with him, I want to refrain from annoying him. :/

If this helps, he messaged me one time asking "like me?" and I was confused and I messaged him, um..what? and he replied "you never answered..=[" and I replied "uhh I don't dislike you.." and he said "i was referring to you psn comment.." and I said "OH uh... NO." and then after idk, 10 minutes he messaged me back and said "ha you like me!" and I said "umm yea cause we're friends! unless you dislike me" (yea I was being stupid HAHA) and he said "I like you =]"

I don't know if this helps, and I would include more information, but it's a real long story, lol. We've had a lot more convos and whatnot since September…we met in July or so. But now he doesn't really talk to me anymore and I don't know if I did anything wrong. Should I wait for him to message me, I don't want to annoy or bother him. :/ I was debating if I should invite him to play with me, but again, I don't want to bother him.
What is this guy's intention? Did I do something wrong?
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