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Too sensitive to the simplest of remarks?

Sometimes someone will jokingly or sarcastically make a comment about how my hair is ugly, or how I'm too fat, how my nose is too big, how I have no boobs or ass, how I have an ugly face etc... Naturally I don't receive these comments often, nor do they happen all together. Over the course of the years I've noticed I get VERY self conscious when someone calls me ugly. Whether it is my brother, my cousin or my best friend, whether it is done jokingly, sarcastically, even if I notice that it is.. There is a part of me that freezes and starts screaming: Really?

I don't let others know, but it gets to me. By beauty is something I was born with. I don't have much control over the way I look (my weight is fine, I clean and take care of myself), so being mocked for my looks, makes me feel sort of helpless.

Especially since the society puts such a large emphasis on female beauty before everything.

Also when I receive compliments I deem to be sincere about my appearance, I think I feel happier then I should be feeling.

Oddly enough, people compliment my knowledge and intelligence and I am proud of it, but I don't value these compliments as much as the first ones, even though I favorite intellectual advancement to looks. (UNLESS of course, the compliment was given who I really respect for their intellectual superiority).

Now am I the only one, or does this happen to you too girls and guys?
Too sensitive to the simplest of remarks?
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