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Why do I like a girl who is so weird?

I like a girl who is totally weird and egoistic .. don't know why .

I am of the shy , quiet category . She is totally weird and talkative .

She is pretty rude . She is of Muslim and I'm not . So , I know we can never be together , still I have a crush on her .

every time I see her , I get annoyed at the stupid things she does , but still I keep thinking of her .

She isn't so beautiful/attractive either ... I mean other girls who are a lot beautiful have approached me but I still like her .

Also , she isn't too rich . Why do I like her and no one else ?

And we have never talked before too .

Its normal ... happenes sometimes
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+1 y
And she always stares at me , comes up and stands in front of my eyes . I looked at her and she looked at me .. kept staring and I took my eyes off ( I am shy )

She keeps looking , but never talks .

Once I was passing by , she said don't stand on my bench lol .

Whenever I do something silly , she laughs so loudly that I get annoyed .

Dont you think she is weird ?
Why do I like a girl who is so weird?
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