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How should I initiate a hug with this girl I like at the end of a date?

Hey please help, none of my guy friends date and its hard to get advice. And my girl friends don't seem to give much specific advice..

She is Chinese and it is hard to tell what I should do. With Aussie/brits it is easy, because usually we wait around and look at each other and we either hug or kiss and say goodnight. But with her, it's as if we are quite robotic (are German women like that?) like... She and I would just say "Okay that was great, thanks a lot, see you soon next week etc."

I get the vibe from her that she is okay with making physical contact because of the following reasons:

1. We've been on 5 dates, and she obviously is cool with spending time with me.

2. In the rain I have shielded her on all those dates and put arm around her in my coat, and she was cool even though she did bring her own coat.

3. She mirrors me in conversation, I can tell she mirrors me during the date.

4. We both make each other laugh

5. I gave her flowers once and she accepted them

6. I once touched her hair gently brushing it behind her ears and she reciprocated.

However here are the points AGAINST my argument which I can think of:

1. We have not held hands while we walk

2. she doesn't respond to my texts as often as I do to hers

So... How can I or Should I initiate a hug as we say goodbye on my next date?

Like just before saying goodbye. Should I do one of the following?

1. (Casual) I say gently "hey come here, I'd like to give you a hug," open out my arms and wait to see her response.

2. (My Soldierly way, I am an ex serviceman) I say gently, "hey come her," I take her hand gently, see how she reacts, and then I say "can I give you a hug before we part?"

3. I put my arm on a shoulder and I move gently closer to her and bring her into my arms.

4. (Lucius Vorenus fumbling Roman centurion method) In a fumbling sort of manner I ask: "I *ahem* like you immensely, and in order to show that, I would like to erm give you a hug. If that is not agreeable with you, then that is all right and hopefully we'll see each other again soon."

Of course, if she refuses I'd be devastated.

Or if she says "why do we need to hug?"

And how can I respond without seeming a complete moron?
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How should I initiate a hug with this girl I like at the end of a date?
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