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Would going on a date make things awkward?

There's this girl in my bible study and we get along pretty well. I often see her a couple times a week for bible study or other events. Me and her are one of the core people in the study.

I went out to lunch with her recently and we got along really well. But I can't tell if she likes me. She was really interested in what I was saying, but that's just the type of girl she is, she's just a really social person in general. I would ask her on an actual date but if it did not work out well, we'd still be seeing each other weekly and that would be awkward.

Maybe I should ask her to just hang out a couple more times maybe and see what I think? idk. Would one date make things awkward between 2 friends? Does she like me?

Tell me what you think.
Would going on a date make things awkward?
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