Girls how would you react to this?

Girls let's say that you've known a guy for 4 years, you aren't close or anything and you've rarely talked, but you and him have been in the same class for 4 years so you know who he is and how he acts. If he suddenly became more social, funnier(he can make the whole class laugh every now and then mostly unintentionally though), less nerdy, less serious, more athletic, and has overall grown as a person. How would you react to him sending you something from a school fundraiser(So say a rose on Valentine's day from a club selling them), but he didn't put his name on the card? And then you found out he sent it? What would you think and how would you react? And finally what would you think of his change over the years?
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I didn't send her a rose for Valentine's Day I meant it as an example ha ha I sent her like a koliday gram that a school club was selling
Girls how would you react to this?
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