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Why would a guy ignore a girl for 2 days?

So I've been seeing this guy for about 5 weeks now. Up until now, he'd text/call/email me every day and we hung out almost every weekend. We're not officially dating yet, but I've been over to his place, we kissed and cuddled (no sex). When we go out on dates, he walks me to my place and gives me a goodnight kiss. And even though I didn't tell my mutual friends about us, they seem to know (he probably told them).

Recently we've been emailing back and forth (we like to write long letters lol) and the last time he emailed was on Saturday morning. I emailed him back on Sunday morning, and haven't heard from him since. (it's Monday now)

Why would he not respond? I was sure he was interested, because he genuinely seemed to care about my life, and because I know he was interested in me since September. I didn't say anything offensive in my last email, and our last hangout was really good too (ended with a long goodnight kiss) Should I email him again? I'm thinking of ignoring him until he contacts me, but who knows how long that might last?
Why would a guy ignore a girl for 2 days?
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