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Have you ever had a crush on a person you never talked before?

Oh I'm in an awful situation. I'm on final exam! I have a crush on a guy from different major in university. We used to study in same library over 3 months (often next to each other). We never talked but always saw each other in the library. We know each other but we never talked!

I know his name, and I´m very sure he knows mine.

I check daily his Face book :S

We used to stare at each other every time when we bump into each other at the hallway or in the cafeteria.

Now I really need to concerted to study for final exams I'm overly stressed, can't focus to study in the library where I use to study because of him. No because of Me! Thinking of him too much :'(

so today I decide to go home and never go there again until next term! :'(

He seemed a bit surprised when I was packing my stuffs because I used to go home in the dinner time but today I was going very early.

I feel stupid that I like a guy who I never talked to. I feel stupid that I couldn't study for a minute in the library over 4 hours of thinking a guy sitting next to me :S

Could a guy also have a crush on a girl you never talked to? If you have seen her for long period.

You know a bit of her personality by seeing her with her friends, her look, her behaviors ...Etc.

Because I do, I think I know him pretty much. By all of these...

am I an weirdo? And could he be wondering about me if I don´t show up from tomorrow?

I hope...
Have you ever had a crush on a person you never talked before?
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