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What do you do when your friend is ignoring you?

My friend and I have been friends our whole life. We were an item about a year ago, but now we are just trying to be friends. We constantly fight over stupid things, and I have been trying to find a solution for these dumb fights. But of recently I transferred to the same college as her to hopefully get us on better terms. Before she was always away and never had time for me, but now that I am here at the same college as her she still doesn't make time for me. We recently got into a fight over something so small like making plans to hang out. And she was too busy with school, I feel that she does not do well when she is under stress and I guess I cause her more stress upon school. But I want to be supportive and help her out when she needs it not cause problems for her.

But now she is completely ignoring me, I asked her if we could meet up just to talk and she never answered me back. And I know she is not too busy because I know she went out to hang out with her friends. But I just want to know what can I do to get her to listen and not ignore me. It's been about 2 to 3 weeks since we have talked. And I do not want to lose her as a friend, but there is only so much I can do.
What do you do when your friend is ignoring you?
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