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How can you tell the difference between a guy flirting and a guy being polite?

I work in a bookstore, and there's this guy that I work with that I just met a few days ago, and the day we met, it was kind of slow, and he came up to me about 3 or 4 times and we chatted. He asked me how I liked working there (or as he put it “how are you like working here”, then he laughed at himself and said “I mean how are you *liking* working here”, messed up the wording which was cute, haha) and he teased me about being a "newbie" (since he’s worked there for a couple of months). Something I'm wondering about is that every time he came over to talk to me, he was the first one to walk away... Is that a bad sign, do you think?

Then the second time we were both working at the same time it was super busy, but he said hi to me a couple of times, and asked me how it was going, but like I said, it was crazy busy, so there wasn't much time for conversation. However, when my shift was over and I was leaving, I kind of stopped by the door pretending that I was looking for something (but really looking to see where he was), and I saw his eyes zone in on me, and then he walked over to me and said "peace out" (in a joking way) and then laughed and said bye.

So do you think he might be attracted to/interested in me? Or is he just being nice? I don't think I saw him stop and talk to any of the other people who work there, but like I pointed out a couple of times already, it was super busy, and I wasn't always around.

So how can you tell the difference in most situations? Or is it even possible?

How can you tell the difference between a guy flirting and a guy being polite?
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