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What the fudge is the point of an open relationship?

That is a stupid concept.

It's like saying this cake is all yours to eat - but everyone else can have a piece if they like.



Who agrees on the need for stinginess here?

link ( yea that's all mine, so back it up - BACK IT UP >:O)

I only ask Because one of my guy friends who is in a relationship, I guess, kept asking me to show him my boobs. I refused naturally - but then he called his girlfriend, who asked me, to show him my boobs.

This was my face ---> -_-

I was like really. Really people. There are just no boundaries anymore. Really now? Really.

Anyway, I think it's retarded.

But I am curious as to how this idea caught on, and why if your in an open relationship are you exactly?

I say it has a lot to do with sex in a bad way. Like you get your cake, you get to eat it too, while you also eat on other cakes.

Like damn fat ass - how much cake do you need?

Maybe I'm just old school - so don't mess with my cake.

Or you'll be option " E'd "...

What? It's not good to share your boyfriend or girlfriend with the world? But it's not right to tie people down...I'm just a liberated person I guess...um...
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>:o >:o !!!touch my cake and i will skin you alive!! >:o >:o
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>xo >xo !!! touch my cake and i will castrate you!!! >xo >xo
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>xoo !!! touch my cake and i will rip out your skull, break it in half, then stab you in the heart with it - fatality f***ing style!!! >>xoo
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f*** it - all of the above >>>xooooo !!!!
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Option E excluding option A of course...
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Why I have this opinion:

* A lot of open relationships get " complicated." One person loses feelings, the other is still emotionally evolved, another person steps into the picture.

* It's an excuse to act out on sexual impulsions. Like come on - one person isn't sexually enough? And if not - why run away from the sex problem with that person, instead of fixing it?

* Each person is more prone to falling in love with somone else, or losing interest more rapidly in their open relation SO -
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- not that falling for other people, or losing interest doesn't happen in closed relationships - it's just less inclined to happen - and usually does when a person loses legit interest. Not if something that could be " better" comes along
What the fudge is the point of an open relationship?
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