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What is wrong with me ?

I am 25 years old and never been is serious relationship.When I was in school I was nerdy girl I haven't go out and haven't dated much. After age 18 I have been I think in more than 20 dates with different guys and had some short relationships that lasted 2-3 month...i think I am attractive and they are many guys that want to date me but the problem is that there are 2 type of guys :1. The guys that are not serious but they are fun and handsome . If after 3 date I don't have sex with them ,they don't want to date me anymore 2.The serious type the problem is that I don't have fun with them at all they are not good looking and boring. I am so tired of dating ... and I am really want to have normal love life...is this only 2 types of guys out there? maybe it is the age of guys ,in their 20 's they want only girl for sex?or maybe something wrong with me ?
What is wrong with me ?
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