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Why did he stop talking to me and should I have not texted him?

met a guy online in oct.. I was always happy to see him...we had five dates total. there was 2wk period I didn't see him Because he was with his son out of state. we didn't talk tons during the week...i never initiated any calls Because I didn't want to seem needy but I would send a text here and there to say hey. he was always good bout answering any I sent esp I guess since it wasn't like I sent a ton to him. I really liked him and felt we could be something but wanted to take it slowly. and when we'd be together it would be so fun...we could talk and laugh for hours. didn't kiss for real until 3rd date. fourth date he cooked for me at his place. we kissed goodbye at like 2 in the morning and both of us lost it and we ended up sleeping together and I spent the nite. everything was fine in morning he was very affectionate. now I guess this prob should have been my first sign he wasn't into me and it was just sex...no call no text nothing for four days after the fact. but I thought well we don't talk every day yet it's still early. but then he texted me saying he had been swamped at work. I thought well maybe he was just freaked out about what happened like I was Because it meant something so I said it was OK we started talking and we planned next date for that coming Saturday. everything great. we had dinner watched movie was a gentleman again...end of night we ended up sleeping together again but he again was so sweet and I didn't leave his place til next day early afternoon. he said he was planning next date. had mentioned he had a really busy week though. looking back that prob was where he was setting up the fadeaway. so three days after I still hadn't heard from him so I sent him a funny text he didn't respond at all. end of week, a few days later, I asked in kidding way what was going on he laughed too Because it was a joke between us that I referenced and he said no he just busy with work had three more days of work marathon to go...so I said no prob I was going out with some friends and to call me tomorrow so we could catch up on week. he said sure will do have a great time out. then nothing. no call. then three days later, his last supposed time to work, my friend called me up and said he was back online. now granted we had never discussed going offline but both of us had stopped going on a few weeks prior right before we slept together. I only know he got off Because my friend online said wow this guy looks like he's into you he hasn't been online either. so when I heard that, I got really upset and texted him it wasn't mean but it was a little long I just said hey I'm easygoing but I didn't expect you to blow me off without explanation I thought we got along well. didn't mention him bein online. he didn't reply. so yesterday I just wrote hey I didn't mean note to sound like I thought you were bad guy just didn't get what happened. never responded. so obv he done. but how cld someone end something like that? it seems cruel. and now I feel awful. :(
Why did he stop talking to me and should I have not texted him?
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