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Advice on coming out a better/bigger person?

I just feel hurts because a guy I liked like someone else. I can't compare with her. There is a guy who had a crush on me and I declined and he was hot and cold (to the point of being rude and then touchy feely). I don't want to be like him. He is still trying to compete with me in class. I don't care if that guy is smarter, better, or whatever. I can't get myself to be mean to my crush even though I am hurt but I don't know how to press forward (final week) and I am wrapping up the project that my crush wanted me to finish alone because he has too much to study for finals (I think he was kidding).

Advice? I want to come out as a better person than shallow and bitter like the guy that crushed on me before.
Advice on coming out a better/bigger person?
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