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How to deal with cancellation/postponement?

After going out on two dates, my "new" out of town date and I made plans for date #3 on a certain weekend. Six nights ago he sent me an e-mail which states in pertinent part:

“My sister called last night and invited me to spend (that weekend) with her and her family. She moved last year and I haven't seen her since last Christmas. I'd like to go but I don't feel like we have been dating long enough to take you yet. What do you think? If we don't go to XXXX that weekend would you want to go sometime in Jan or Feb?”

I obviously don't want to spend time with someone who'd rather be somewhere else. I agree that we haven’t been dating long enough for me to go spend the weekend at his sister’s house and I don’t expect to be invited.

What I expect his for him to honor his plans with me because he made his plans with me first!

My impulse is to not respond at all, but I don't want to appear immature or bitter due to personal pride. I also don’t want to give him the impression that it is okay with me for him to cancel our plans (sets up an unhealthy dynamic) but I can't exactly scold him either!

He told me this via e-mail 6 nights ago. He ended his e-mail with small talk questions like, "Are you ready for Christmas?" presumably trying to provoke a response. I don't want to seem immature or bitter by not responding, but I haven't responded because I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY.

What should I do/not do in this situation? WHAT DO I SAY IF I WRITE BACK? Thanks :)

Continue not to respond - he'll catch on
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Respond and act like it's nothing -
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Respond and tell him this isn't going to work
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Respond, tell him this isn't going to work, and explain why
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How to deal with cancellation/postponement?
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