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How do I show interest without showing "needy" qualities?

I think this has been a fine line for me and I usually come out on the wrong side of that line. I usually have no problem getting a number or a date, but I do have a problem holding their interesting past the 1st or 2nd date (which usually seem to go really well).

Here's how it typically works:

Let's say I got out with a girl on Monday and we have a great time and end with a hug or a kiss. I'll text her on Wednesday to see what she's up to for a Friday happy hour / Sunday dinner. . . something of that nature. She'll either accept and we'll go out again, or She'll be like "I'm not sure what my plans are yet" or "blah blah I'm really busy with work/family". It's AT THIS POINT where I think I lose them, what is the right move? Say "ok, cool" and wait a few more days and try again with a similar text? say "is there a better day we can get together?" or is that just too needy?

Other things I struggle with are:

How much interest is appropriate to show on a first date? Is it cool to text after the date to say "blah blah blah" I had a good time?" or does that just ruin the attraction?

I'm a tall, confident guy who has his stuff together with no baggage of any kind. I've been in 2 serious relationships and I have a sense of humor and have lots of female friends, am sociable, and a respected member of my firm. The girls I'm going for are generally pretty and assumedly NOT "high maintenance" to some degree. I'm at the point where I'm like "I just don't get it!" lol. I should also say, that I have a sarcastic with that's hard to keep up with and I have been called "cocky" before, but I have been trying to cool it a little bit.
How do I show interest without showing "needy" qualities?
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