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Ladies, Is she flirting or being friendly?

There is a girl that asked to stay over (3 months ago), we kissed 2 months ago, I asked her out 1 month ago. She said she would think about it, at one point yes, but she talked herself out of it. I took that as a no and asked another girl out. (nothing came of it)

From asking her out to Thanksgiving we would chat on occasion, in the hall she always looked away. Since Thanksgiving she will tease me, give compliments, laugh at my jokes even when far away, engages me with stories, uses my name. Her friends know the history, when I leave the entrance to the building they look at me or her or likely the ground. Her and her guy friend, she turned him down and I can't tell if there is anything there, never talk to each other when I am around. Her Irish heart ring, claddach, is pointing as single.

Ladies, Is she flirting or being friendly?
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