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Why do I keep rejecting girls I am attracted to?

- a girl a met through mutual friends. I think she was a 9 or 10 in my opinion on hotness..beautiful smile, nice personality, etc. she was very flirty with me when we were around hanging out with friends. touchy, playful, remembered by birthday when I told her months before, gave me her number, email, etc...and I did nothing. I was in such disbelief that she was actually attracted to me (because of my confidence) I didn't even try to escalate things. now she's gone and move away to the east coast...but still on my fb.

-she shared a class with me, and we sat opposite sides of the room. I approached her after class and talked with her twice, but never a third time. I sat next to a girl I've known a few years outside of school that I liked a little bit, but I didn't want to ditch her or make things awkward. I saw my crush on the bus and she didn't notice me, so I took that as rejection...now I'm kicking myself for not just getting up and sitting next to her without giving a care. now the class is over with. I feel bad that I just flat out ignored her for my friend, and I feel stupid.

i know this is answering my own question, but I feel that my confidence is making me not want to escalate things because I feel that maybe the attraction isn't mutual. I've gone through quite a few girls and they have passively rejected me after I felt things were going good, so I'm kinda playing careful.

have you ever rejected someone you were crushing on? just ignored them or left them alone because of your own poor confidence? maybe you felt confused from something, thought they were just friendly or not?
Why do I keep rejecting girls I am attracted to?
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