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Do some girls avoid a guy they're crushing on?

I met this girl a month or two ago, we aren't really close friends or anything but we see each other around every so often. She's dating one of my friends.

Lately she's been acting weird around me, kinda avoiding being alone with me and keeping her distance. She won't say hi to me like she says hi to other people... it's like she overlooks me, like she doesn't go out of her way to talk to me.

I don't suspect that she suddenly doesn't like me since before she started acting weird she found me really funny and we got along well.. so I thought maybe she is avoiding me because she's crushing on me and she feels conflicted since her boyfriend is my friend?

I mean when I was a bit shyer I've been guilty of avoiding a girl I had feelings for because she made me feel nervous and I didn't want her to know I liked her...

I'm wondering if when a girl who thinks you're funny and you get along with suddenly gets distant, is it possible that she's staying away cause she likes you? I hope it's not cause she hates me!
Do some girls avoid a guy they're crushing on?
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