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Can he really be that insensitive or am I being too sensitive?

Good day people :) quick story...right now I'm at my bfs apt in bed with a horrible kidney infection while he's at work. For the last few days I've been really sick and putting on a brave face...he tried taking care of me Monday and Tuesday...well yesterday he picked me up from home and I can't really walk he just speed walked to his car and didn't even bother helping me. I got a sharp pain and began to cry. He said if you feel that f***en bad stay home...I don't want to be home alone I told him he just shrugged me off and drove in silence the entire time. I tried sucking it up and talking but he was just short in words. I asked him Why he was upset he said he was just tired from work..when we got home to his place he was still distant and didn't even acknowledge me, Until we went to bed,he the hugged me and kissed ,e and fell asleep.I feel like I do so much for this guy and I can't even get a little TLC from him when I'm really sick. He had the flu and he was such a baby and wanted me to take care of him and be at his beck and call. I bought him medicine made him soup and nursed him bk to health lol our anniversary is also coming up and to surprise him I bought concert tickets for him to go see robin thicke who he loves and always told me he would love too see. I thought he would love them. I told him about the tickets sin order for him to take the days off from work from both jobs he has...he seemed bothered that he would have to miss the days from work...I was crushed. Thinking I did a good thing and he feels like its a hassle...now I'm a little disappointed and feel like I'm just a pain in his neck..also yesterday when I called him when he got off work to ask him to pick me up from my place he answered with hey what's up? And was short in our conversation. Normally he's like hey babe or Hi my love. I felt like he might have been around a coworker or friend and that's why he talked like that. He has been working two jobs so that might be his fatigue but even though I'm dog sick and isn the most horrible pain or if I had a bad day at work I never take it out on him. Is my boyfriend rreally that much of a jerk or am I just hormonal with all these mess sim taking? And another thing I love him very much and I make more money the he does. I never rub it in his face but recently he's been struggling financially and I've been paying for most things like movie dates and small things here and there...I don't mind it's ok...but he has been calling me his sugar mommA and I'm beginning to feel a little used and unappreciated. We were supposedntomhave movie night so I rented some movies and last night I reminded him and he said. I don't wanna watch a f***en movie I'm tired. Just return it.ni asked him not to be rude and mean and he said then stop buggin me over the movie sh*t...advice please people.

Thanks xoxo

Bed ridden and heartbroken :(
Can he really be that insensitive or am I being too sensitive?
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