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My girlfriend and I are having trouble to keep things cool?

So basically, she's usually stressed out of things such as; trying to get her grades up, applying for jobs, Finals week which is starting on Monday, and dealing with our stressful relationship. Well she's grounded since Thanksgiving break because her parents found out that she got a 2.67 GPA, which means that she's unable to contact me on Facebook, iMessage, AIM, and her phone outside of school. Sometimes she goes on Facebook just to talk to her friends, update her statuss and for HW discussion instead of initiating to talk to me. I can't even initiate to talk to her anymore because she might risk of getting in trouble and esp if I try to give her a call. I couldn't even tell whether she's less interested in me or not, at least she showed me proof that she didn't cheat on me from her locker that we always share. Most of her friends tries getting us to break up and we're both fed up with them. We usually hang out after school.

So here, she gets mad at me whenever I:

1.) Attempt to give her a call, this results her in trouble and because her mom always have her cell phone.

2.) Planned on arguing with her whenever she multitasks and while she's stressed out of things.

3.) Seeing her every passing class when she expects space from me. Means that she rather spends time with me before school and after school.

4.) Bug her, as in complaining to her about why we can't hang out much anymore.

5.) Encourage her to lie to her parents about something and get her to hang out with me.

6.) Ask her if I can contact her mom so we can work things out.

So when she gets mad at me for this stuff I did wrong, she said "that's it we're over", then I had to kiss her ass to beg her to come back at the moment. Happens when she multitasks. After that, I asked her if she wants me to leave her alone then she said it's fine. Then we worked things out. So yesterday she broke up with me before school, because she didn't want to stress about our relationship anymore but still loves me. then after one class she cried up to me and ask me to forgive her and get back with her. I realized that I'm in a risk of losing her easily if I can't handle waiting for a good time for us to hang out for weeks.

No break up tips!

1.) How will I deal with her talking to her friends other than me outside of school?

2.) What can we do to improve our relationship healthy even though we can't spend time with each other much often anymore due to her strict parents?

3.) How do I keep myself cool and prevent myself from wanting to argue with her?

4.) Should I wait for a month and give her space until she's ready to hang out with me? She said she can handle waiting, and not sure if I can, even though I'm willing to.

5.) Any comments or tips?
My girlfriend and I are having trouble to keep things cool?
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