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Girl's when is it the right time to talk to you?

I want to talk to this girl because I like her and whenever her friend see's me she always asks me if I've talked to her and I always say no, not because I'm scared(well not the main reason), but because I can't seem to find a good time(as in not awkward or not just creepily walking across class to talk to her). Usually people tell me just talk to her in the hall or in class, well here's the problem with that, one I refuse to try and find out where she is when not in class that's really creepy in my opinion and two she is only in one of my classes and never has a seat near me the only time she even remotely passes by me is when she walks passed my seat to go to her seat(which is oddly two rows away from mine so I don't know why she would do that). How am I supposed to talk to her when I can't find any non creepy or awkward ways to interact with her?
Girl's when is it the right time to talk to you?
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