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Invitation to coffee after hours on a Friday?

A guy I met at an event asked if I'd like to get a cup of coffee one day after work. I said sure, thinking he'd either forget or ask about it mid-week.

He didn't forget, but he insisted it be a Friday night. I've been out of the social scene for a while, but that seems like a date. I said that was alright, but then I had to cancel one week and he had to cancel the other because it's busy where we work at this time of year.

We're trying for this coming Friday, after the seasonal rush, but now I'm nervous. Why is it such a big deal to go out for coffee? Coffee takes 30-minutes tops, right? Isn't this something we could've done for lunch? Why does he want this to be an evening thing?

One of my friends says he meant he wants to go out for dinner, but then he would have said dinner, right? Sigh. Confused!

Invitation to coffee after hours on a Friday?
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