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GUYS and GIRLS: How do you act around someone you like?

I'd love to know how do you act around someone you have a crush on? Please let me know your age too :P

Also, how would you act around someone that you fancy but don't want her/him to find that out? :)


(there is this one guy, who actually acts like I don't exist, avoids using my name, being alone with me etc, but from time to he does one of these:

• when I'm talking to my friends he comes up and says something completely irrelevant to me that actually lets me understand he was listening.

• I always thought that he never notices me when I walk into the classroom, but there was one day when I walked in and he called me a funny name. He did that 2 times that day, whenever I came in he said "Look who's there, that-name". He was not insulting me, it actually was a funny one. But after I didn't respond to him he stopped. Then the next day we was all "I-don't-see-you" again.

• I thought he never pays attention to what I'm talking about, but again, the other day I was telling my friend that I just can't stand when someone is kicking the back of the chair and the next day he actually exchanged seats so he could sit right behind me and ... started kicking my chair until I told him to stop.

• Whenever he has to talk to me, he uses 3-5 word sentences, even though he is so talkative around everyone else.

• If there are times when he's talking to me, he always stares into my eyes. Like, stares, not simply looks.

• There were few times when I saw him looking at me from the corner of his eye.

(he gets on with every girl but me)

Are these signs of hate or ... attraction ? :D
GUYS and GIRLS: How do you act around someone you like?
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