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I have a great new guy but I still think about my ex. when I'm with him, how do I get over my ex?

So I dated a guy for a little over 4 years. I still swear to this day that he is, and forever will be my soul mate. Every coincidence and situation that we went through just made us stronger over time. Then, I started getting more involved in my degree of study at college and he started hanging out with people who were changing him for the worst and I would get the back lash of it and we started fighting. About the way he was treating me and how he was changing but not in a positive way, but in a way it was like we grew apart but we broke up for good in the early part of last year then we had some time apart sure enough he calls a couple months later saying he misses me and all that junk, well, we started hanging out and "talking" and he was actually talking about our problems and we were discussing them and talking about how neither one of us will ever find anyone else that understands, knows, and can read each other inside and out (almost like bring able to read eachother's mind and know whatever it is without having to utter a word) it was weird but I mean Its a connection I've never had with anyone else before, powerful. We stopped talking though. He said he was moving down to Tennessee with his cousin because he just wanted out of this town because its a dead end town with no opportunity for him to make something of himself. We kind of talked on the phone a little but what would come of that with him living so far. So I met another guy, a great guy, him and I get along. We can make each other laugh and everything and we have been together for about 7 months and I really care for him and like him but it will never turn into love like how he feels for me. and I know that but I do genuinely like him and enjoy being his girlfriend and his family and everything but we just don't have the connection as deep as me and my ex had. Then to top it off worse about a month ago my ex calls and says he came into town and just wanted to see me and stop by, so stupid me I did. He said he had another girl now down in Tennessee and he's unhappy with her and he said most of the time when he's in bed he thinks of me and what I'm doing at that moment. Which is the same thing I do when lying in bed with my new boyfriend almost every night when I'm with him. But my ex said, his new girl is giving him the ability to get out of this town and stay away from the "bad scene" he was starting to drift too far into. He also said it would be great if I wasn't stuck here for college cause then wed both run away kind of and be together. We then talked on the phone for a couple days he was in town just kind of catching up then a week later he went back down to Tennessee and contacted me 2 or 3 times just saying that he enjoyed seeing me. So I guess what I want to know is, if there is any easier way to get over that person you know you love but just can't be with and can I be happy and potentially love my new guy one day?
I have a great new guy but I still think about my ex. when I'm with him, how do I get over my ex?
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