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New guy - cryptic message

21 year old guy I have a new undefined thing with - met in July, started talking mostly every day in sept. after we visited each other for 2 weeks in nov. (he lives in a diff country) - we usually talk every few days. I'm newly out of a relationship and told him I didn't want to jump into anything. we are supposed to see each other again in January.

he went to another country to visit friends and work and from the airport he called and left an I miss you vm. I sent a text saying have fun and I miss you 2. lmk how it is there. then two days later I got a text saying: how are you doing there? I've been hiding out the past few days - had things I had to do and things are happening left right and center but oh well life. how about you? where are you now? what's going on?

so, I took that message to mean - hey I've been busy, but checking in. so I just said something like hope its nothing bad and lmk if I can help. I told him what was up with me and told him to have fun there. I didn't ask what was wrong. should I have? should I have given him the ohhh baby are you ok? everything alright?

cuz now he's being kinda weird. in fact, he didn't reply back to that or text all this past week until I said - hey d---head, are you ok? and he said - baby I was meaning to text you in the upcoming days! we chatted for awhile after that, but idk, kinda feel blown off. he's off to a different country now for another 2 weeks.

New guy - cryptic message
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