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Would she go out with me or is she just being nice?

So I had/have this crush on this girl I went to high school with. We never really talked much in person but we texted sometimes and she knew I liked her, so it always seemed kinda awkward. Anyway, we graduated last year and I haven't seen her in a few months since she goes to college out of town, but apparently she comes back to town on the weekends. I texted her and we've been texted occasionally, though I'm always the one to text her first and are texting is pretty dull. a few weeks ago while we were texting I mentioned that we should hang out sometime. she then suggested we meet for coffee sometime. so today I texted her and asked her when she'd be home for Xmas break so we could get that coffee. she texted me back and said "haha alright" and then told me when she'd be home. so my question is do you think she is just being nice because she's a very friendly person or do you think if we hit it off at the coffee I should ask her out for dinner?
Would she go out with me or is she just being nice?
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