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Are these signs he wants a relationship with me?

We have been talking/dating for over a month. I have known him for a few years we use to talk all the time on the phone until I lost contact with him a few years ago. I had sex with him on the third date. I have already spent two weekends with him which were great. This past weekend we hung out at his place from Friday night until late Sunday evening. We went out shopping for breakfast and dinner and just watched movies and vids on YouTube all day.

We talked yesterday and he told me that he really likes me and that he really enjoys spending time with me and talking with me. He went on to say how he likes how naturally things are going between us and how naturally everything is going. He said that he would like to take me out and actually do something more fun than just going out to eat, that he felt really bad about that. He said that once this week is over and he finish taking his finals at school he'll have more time on his hands and he can spend more time with me and take me out some where really nice.

So does it sound like he wants a relationship with me? He jokingly brought up a conversation we had last Saturday where I mistakenly referred to myself as his girlfriend. He didn't deny the fact that I'm his girlfriend and he didn't bring up some speech about how he's not looking for anything serious.

So you think he wants a relationship or no relationship?
Are these signs he wants a relationship with me?
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