Why is this guy being mean and ignores me now that I have rejected him?

a guy in my college class used to like me. I am really shy so I never really got to so the guy any positive signals that I liked him back. I seemed very uninterested and stuck up. Then this guy must have got the picture that I don't like him because now he always ignores me and he also bes very mean to me behind my back with his friends and he just seem to always mention me and say mean things about me to them. Why is he acting like this? does he completely hate me? or does he SECRETLY still like me? and what should I do about this?


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  • He is ego is bruised because you brushed him off, now he's acting like he's in elementary school by being mean and ignoring you. There's a good chance he still likes you tho. I don't know if you want to date the guy or just be friends, but I would proceed with caution, immaturity is a huge red flag.


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  • Some guys act like bitches when you turn them down or when they don't get what they want. If a guy truly did like you, he wouldn't badmouth you behind your back just because you didn't pay any attention to him. He more than likely just wanted to f*** and you bruised his little ego. He's the one who looks stupid because he always has your name in his mouth, I would just keep acting the way I normally do but if he says something mean to me then I'd just put him on blast and let people know he's mad because he got rejected

  • Continue not acknowledging his existence. He's childish. If you don't want him to keep thinking you have utter contempt for him, be more polite. Say "hi" and smile if he's around. I've been in this situation before. I avoid guys I like out of shyness and they lose interest in me because who would want someone ignoring them. And yes, sometimes they get mean out of frustration, and they like you so much they feel like they're being rejected.

    If he's always talking about you, he probably still likes you. Otherwise, why bother. You must still be on his mind. Also, a guy who has to involve his friends is just a f***ing immature jerk. He wouldn't make a good boyfriend. I'd stay away.