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Should I ask her out over Facebook?

So I met this girl a few months ago who cuts my hair. I've only seen her about 3 times (usually once per month when getting my hair cut). But during these times we really seemed to have connected (from my perspective).. So I added her on Facebook about 3 weeks ago and sent her a message, we have been messaging back and forth off and on, and to me it seems she is at least somewhat interested.. Usually responds back pretty quick, keeps the conversation going, etc. We are both going to college, just different ones.. She lives about 25 min from me.

My question is, should I ask her out to dinner over a Facebook message? As I don't have her number, and probably won't see her again before I go home for the Holidays.

If so, how should I go about doing it, take a direct approach and just ask if she wants to go out? Or does anyone else have a better approach I should use?
Should I ask her out over Facebook?
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