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I can't figure out what's going on..? what he is up to.... what's your opinion..? move on or hold on...??

i met this guy last year.. and we had a relationship of about almost 1year.. it was perfect... when we broke up over something stupid.. I tried to convince him.. but nothing worked... he told me he still loves me but now we should be just friends.. I tried but because of my emotions I could not make it...

we used to talk to each other.. but after a period of time he put me on reject list.. but whenever I text him , he calls me back... we went for a movie too.. with my cousins... sometimes he playfully flirts and says things like , "i know you wanna marry me , you still love me.. "

one day.. his best friend and he talked to me on conference and told me that ,"he wants to concentrate on his studies and if he won't concentrate he will fail in his exams" right now he is not looking for a relationship.. after that he removed me from reject list...

he has my Facebook account password and he use to check it.. one day , he saw his best friend's girlfriend and my conversation .. he told his best friend.. I heard this .. so I confronted him .. that he should not tell this to his best friend that she still loves him.. because they broke up and she is trying to hide it... he asked me - just like you...?

after few days, I went out with my girlfriends and got hit by a car.. that night I texted him that ,"if you have time ,do call me. I had an accident.'

he called me and asked me several questions like did I met someone or not..? I know , you are in love with me... I didn't tell him anything..

next day he called me again just to know.. did you met someone..? do you people talked about me..? where did you go for hangout..? etc.

yesterday , I saw him in school .. but he didn't looked at me.. but I caught him looking at me in the physics class.. and when I caught him .. he turned his face and smiled.. !

my friend texted her boyfriend that "i still love my ex-boyfriend" and he replied "my ex didn't care anymore"... then, after coming back I called him but he dint replied...

whats up with saying things like I don't care and then when you got hit by a car.. he calls you..? flirts playfully ... and says I know you love me...? checks your fb account...? wants to know that you are dating someone or not... and then doing these things just to make you clueless...?

i am totally and completely messed up... please help people... what he is up to... does he love me...? should I move on or hold on...?
I can't figure out what's going on..? what he is up to.... what's your opinion..? move on or hold on...??
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