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Is he just not into me or am I reading too much into this?

I really need advice. Here's the deal. Known this guy for ages and became involved a few months ago. Says all the right things and that he's looking at us as having a future. We live in different states; I am in WA and he is in KS so we only see each other every couple of months. At first, he texted me every day several times a day and then maybe once a day and now he sometimes doesn't even respond to my texts right away. I tend to let my feelings show and text him daily but am getting tired of feeling like I'm the only one putting in effort. I last heard from him two days ago and have not texted him. We are seeing each other next week and when I last heard from him he was talking about how excited he was to see me, etc... Then the no text thing. Is this typical guy behavior or is he just not into me? When a girl is interested, she wants to talk/text all the time. Is it not the same for guys? I don't want him to think I am needy or clingy, so should I stop texting altogether and wait for him or should I text occasionally asking about his day, etc.. or should I just be myself and text him each day? This is driving me crazy. I am usually really confident but am not quite sure where I stand with him and it's making me feel insecure. Probably because I care so much. When we meet next week should I ask him where we stand and how he views our relationship? Please, please help!
Is he just not into me or am I reading too much into this?
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