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Am I doing something wrong about flirting?

I am sometimes outgoing but most of the time in class I sit back and observe others as they have a conversation occasionally chipping in. When I do try talking to girls I am interested in they seem unimpressed or extremely bored. I'm not boring or anything because I have talked with many people and they say I'm very enjoyable and interesting to talk to.

I have successfully talked to girls, become friends with some and even dated a few. I have had people I don't even know come up to me in the halls and tell me I'm extremely cute so I must not be that hideous right?

I catch girls looking at me everyday in class and in the halls but I don't really know how to approach this without potentially making a fool of myself or scaring them off.

Am I just missing something or going about flirting in the wrong way?

All thoughts are greatly appreciated!
Am I doing something wrong about flirting?
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