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I can't get over my ex. I don't know what to do. I need help really bad.

Hi guys I'm 18 my ex is 20, we dated for 6 weeks over the summer we broke up 6 months ago, I still can get over him I love him to death, the weird thing is my other ex and I dated for a year and a half, I go over the very quick I don't know why, that's why I know I love him, I miss him all the time we have hooked up in the past last night we did too, whenever we hook up and he leaves I just start to cry I feel like the breakup happpened all over again, I know you guys are going to say don't hook up with him and need to forget him, I have tried I've tried going out on dates with guys and I can't all I think about is him I can't enjoy it, and when ww hook up that's the only time I see him even tho I get to depressed when he leaves Because I never know when I'm going to see him, we broke up Because he was going to college and didn't move away somewhere local he said he wasn't going to have enough time for a girlfriend, I Haven't told him I felt about him in months, should I tell him that I love him? and see how he feels about me? Because my mom has said I think he has strong feelings for you but he's afraid.And when we dated he said I've never felt about than I did with any other girl. I just want him back so bad as a boyfriend I love him so much. Please someone answer I know this is a lot to read but please what should I do? Thank you very much. Kelly

I can't get over my ex. I don't know what to do. I need help really bad.
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