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Advice on ways to approach this situation?

So there's this girl who's a receptionist that I see frequently since about a year ago. She's someone that I knew of but never really talked to until a year ago when she just randomly decided to come up and talked to me mainly just asking what I was doing for holidays etc.

Anyway, before she talked to me it was always just the "Hi, how are you?" sort of greeting with a smile. I thought maybe she just got bored and decided to talk to me so I thought nothing of it. But, for the next little while I found that she would sort of come and do stuff close to where I'm working and would stand in my direct line of sight so sometimes I'd look up and she'd just smile again. I don't know if I just noticed cause I don't usually get much attention, but it just felt strange that she's giving me attention.

Anyway, it all died down after a few weeks and then that's when I heard from my mutual friends (who knew her boyfriend) that she had broken up with her boyfriend around that time coincidentally and when it all died down it was also around the time when she got back with her boyfriend. Which kindda made me thought there might have been something there.

Anyway, a year has passed and we were back to the usual simple "Hi, how are you?" greetings and a smile. That is, until just recently she decided to make another conversation asking what I had been doing during the day etc.

So I'm just wondering if there was something there before? Also, I'm not sure if she's single or not now, but it's kinda hard to ask as we have too many mutual friends yet we don't know each other very well... and the strangest thing was that, when she first spoke to me a year ago, coincidentally around that time her boyfriend saw me at a pub with our mutual friends and randomly came up and decided to talk to me being friendly and all.

Anyway, first I just want to know if there's anything going on or it's just all in my head? Second, just wondering if there's any advice about how to approach this?
Advice on ways to approach this situation?
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