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I still like him! What do I do!??

Okay, so I had a HUGE thing with a guy and we have sort of had each others hearts since March. I never expressed my feeling because I didn't know if they were there, but he always told me he would never move on and that I'm amazing. I got so used to this that I didn't think about what would happen when he did move on. Well he moved on recently and when I found out he did my world just became dark. Everything seemed to be crashing down. I realized that even though he and I didn't know it, I only payed attention to him. I would go to things that I knew he was going to, I would stick around after school to see if he would too. He was who I looked for in the halls, and it crushes me that I know he doesn't feel the same way anymore. It feels like we were supposed to be together, whether we liked it or not. We were stuck with each other. Now it's over and I STILL like him. I STILL look for him in the halls and I can still look in his eyes and have a conversation with him without one word being spoken. The only question is, does he even care anymore? He still looks at me and we still look at each other the way I have never looked at anyone before. Do you think if I told him the whole story it would change anything or would it just push him farther away? PLEASE HELP!
I still like him! What do I do!??
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