Girlfriend won't touch me or kiss me

Hello everyone. I have been dating this girl long-distance for about a year and things seem to have been going great until recently. To start with a back story, I am from the U.S. and she is from England, and we met when she came to America during the winter last year. We hit things off very well and decided to give our relationship a try. Things were going great for a while. We were madly in love, spent hours online with each other talking, watching shows together, and including each other in our lives as much as we could. We even both made trips to see each other. But things got rough when I lost my job and couldn't save up money. We still spent time with each other when we could, but after 4 months, she said she was getting used to not seeing me as much, so we needed to figure out how to be together. She was determined to stick with me and wait until the next trip. Six months later, here we are. She arrived in the U.S. three days ago, but there's a big problem. While she wants to spend time with me going places and hanging around the house, she won't touch me. She won't even put her arm on me or around me, and she won't kiss me. She still has not slept in the same bed and it has been three days. I really, really think that her loss of desire was caused by her birth control, but she refuses to give that up. Her reason for all of this is her low sex drive and also because she's spent so much time away from me, she needs to get used to being with me again, and then hopefully things will be the way they used to.

What do you make of this? How much time should I give her to warm up to me again? Should I try to take her out and romance her as though we are starting to date again? Should I wait and be supportive and kind? Or should I even be putting up with this?

She is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I was planning on marrying her, but it seems I have a difficult decision to make right now. Please help. Thank you.
Girlfriend won't touch me or kiss me
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