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Why does she ignore me?

well I had agirl best friend we were like super close used to do everything together talk all the time and stuff anyway like 2 months ago we talked and I told her that I have feelings for her she said she didn't have feelings for me and she can't believe she trusted me and some other talk that hurts she made me feel like I made acrime or something anyway she ignored me for acouple of days then we began to talk again she used to call not as much as before but she cared a week later she began to act as if I don't exist when I say something she forgets it the next day one day I called her and I had ahuge problem she didn't even call to check if I was okay I called her acouple of times the first time she talked for an hour 2 days after she talked for 3 min and ended the call when I say her she speaks with everyone else and ignores me the does everything that annoys me why is she acting so damn weird 2day I was talking to her she just turned the other way and spoke to another friend I was like I was talking to anyway good bye and I left she said wait but I didn't gosh she didn't even call to see if I'm mad what the hell is wrong with her?
Why does she ignore me?
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