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How to overcome awkwardness/discomfort?

Disclaimer: Sorry this is so long, and sorry I say the word awkward approximately 10 million times.

So there's this guy I find really attractive that I was somewhat interested in. He's my friend's roommate, and my friend kind of discouraged both of us from doing anything together, so nothing really happened for a while. I saw him while hanging out with my friend a few times, and we hung out twice when I saw him out on the weekend.

Every time I talk to him, I just get like... hyper aware of myself and him and I get the feeling he does too, and it just makes for a lot of awkwardness. I'm really not usually like that--i'm of the belief that things don't have to be awkward unless you make them awkward--so it's really weird for me to feel so incredibly uncomfortable around him. It's almost like we don't have chemistry or something, yet I'm definitely really attracted to him. I guess I'm just nervous, and I get the impression that he is too (though I don't know if it's just his personality or if it's me that makes him like that).

Anyway, last night we hung out after he suggested watching a movie together. We watched a movie, talked, listened to music, and ended up making out til 6 am. I'm really happy that happened, but it was just so awkward the whole time that it was hard to fully enjoy myself. There were so many awkward pauses and both of us kept worrying the other was uncomfortable or something.

I kind of really like him, so I don't want to give up on this. I don't know what to do to overcome the discomfort. We're leaving for break in a few days (I'll be gone an entire month), so I want to make a move now so there's a chance of continuing things successfully when we return.

Is it weird to text him something like "If you're up for it, we should hang out again before break. I'm determined to get past this awkwardness!" Should I leave that second sentence out? Say something else? Arg, I just feel like my brain falls out every time I think about him. Help?
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How to overcome awkwardness/discomfort?
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