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Is it okay to wait for clear signals?

It's been about a year since I've tried pursuing a girl. There was a stretch where I worked on my game, asked girls out, made mistakes, got rejected, picked myself back up. I've been through the whole lot: getting a date, then nothing after that, having a girl reject me then ignore me forever, all that fun stuff. I never actually ever got to a second date. Still, I kept improving and trying.

But then that all ended during a particularly painful experience. There was a girl and she and I flirted a lot, but since she was taken, I didn't bother. She became single, we flirted, I never got clearer signs ever in my life, I made a move, she rejected it, then we stopped talking and she started going out with my friend, of all people.

I was so distraught that I just stopped caring about girls and just focused on doing my own stuff. Eventually, I kind of gave up the idea of being with one.

I still see that girl on occasion and jealousy flares inside me. Yet, I have resolved that I'm not going to make make moves anymore unless I get clear-cut signs a girl is into me and is willing to let me take her out. Is that okay? Or do I have to keep taking initiative? What's the point if your most likely gonna get a no anyway? Wouldn't it be better to just live life, be happy with who you are, and then one day if you really vibe with someone, it'll be something good?

To be honest, a year later, I'm still feeling stung.
Is it okay to wait for clear signals?
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