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Am I just a turn off to most guys?

I meet many guys and have been rejected because I don't fit their ideal girl type.

I am studying a construction management major.

I going to be joining a flag football team.

I like to travel (Been to Brazil and Japan).

I volunteer at the food bank and I build houses.

I am interning for a company and will continue that with my part time retail job in the summer to pay for graduate next year.

I have been told that I am cute, funny, and nice. However, I am constantly rejected. I am not sure if it because of my nationality (Asian), my career field, or my personality (determined). Advice? I know my friend always tell me that I am great and trustworthy. Guys would be luck to have me but I am constantly rejected so I am starting to feel bad. Advice? How do I know why guys reject me? What do you think?
Am I just a turn off to most guys?
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