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Asking a guy out over text!

So, I showed a lot of interest in this guy.

We only met twice and I started sending him flirty texts. He seemed a bit surprised because I went straight to the point asking him to take me out. (I'm really honest and hate playing games). I might have put him on the spot but he replies to my text (after 2 days) and he's really nice and all. We texted back and forth and I told him that I like him. I know I was really forward but after this I did not text him at all since I felt that I' the one initiating the texts. 10 days after, he sends me a text asking how I'm doing and if I want to go out with him during the weekend. I just feel a bit confused if he's doing it because he knows I was eager to go out with him.

Do guys find it hard to reject a girl who they know is interested in them? And would he go out with me just to be nice?
Asking a guy out over text!
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