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This girl is annoying me, but it's my fault

She's not really being annoying, it's just that I'm frustrated with the way things have gone with her that it's probably best I somehow forget about her or dissipate my feelings for her.

She and I flirted a lot, and she always started it. Eventually, I asked her out and she rejected me and then she went on to flirt with other people.

Still, it wouldn't matter as much if she didn't always say "I haven't seen you in a while" when she passes by me in the halls, despite the fact that, you know, we have a couple classes together where if she missed me so much she could've come up to me, and the fact that she has been at a few parties I've been at and completely ignored me. And despite the fact that she flirted with one of my friends right in front of me and then grabbed him to be her partner on some project.

It's just annoying. If she'd just continued to pretend I didn't exist, I would get over her. However, she makes it a point to act like we are old friends catching up.
This girl is annoying me, but it's my fault
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