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Just friends but he compliments me all the time?

I dated a guy back in Sept. For 2 weeks at which point he said I wasn't quite what he was looking for & we became friends (which worked since I wasn't attached either way). He said he was looking for a more demure type woman (I'm very sensitive but hide it till you know me & that's what he likes). As the weeks past I started to get feeling & confessed it to him & asked for space. Less then a week later we were back to hanging out because of a major accident that brought us back together. I've told him recently that I still have feelings for him but I'm working on just being friends. When we talk or hangout (hangout once or twice a week & talk everyday) he calls me beautiful & gorgeous & just recently told me that I was the cutest he's ever seen when I was in dirty jeans & no makeup (first time he's seen me not dressed up). My question is, is he interested & just holding back (he dates but thy never last more then a week or 2 & none have become friends) or is he just being a friend with always telling me I'm beautiful, cute, gorgeous etc. He also has said sexy but its followed by your sexy & gorgeous. Just confused. He also initiates contact daily. Were both early 30's
Just friends but he compliments me all the time?
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