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How Do I Tell Her I Still Like Her?

We started speaking more a while ago, I really fell for her. I asked her out but she had a boyfriend and said no. We carried on talking and I wanted to know how she felt about me so I asked her and she said she doesn't know because she's taken, but eventually she said she'd go out with me if they split up, but didn't want to tell me because she don't want to string me along.

Anyway I got her friend involved (I told her everything, because I used to confide in her), and it caused LOADS of arguments. I started thinking the girl I like was lying to me, because she told her friend she'd never go out with me even if she was single (her friend asked her if she fancies me, though at first she answered: "it's hard to tell how I feel about someone when I'm taken")... We used to argue for ages about it because I'd get really frustrated and call her a liar etc and she'd just constantly tell me she's telling me the truth about her feelings for me but that we should keep it just between us and stop getting others involved as she doesn't want everyone to know... Then my mate told her I don't actually like her (I do) and only want her 'cause I can't have her, she got angry about it, we had a HUGE argument and stopped talking.

Recently we properly made up and we are pretty good friends again. Her boyfriend doesn't allow her to talk to me, but we text each other when she's away from him. I'M NOT TRYING TO STEAL HER, and don't plan to, but I started to really like her again.

How can I tell her I have feelings for her and ask how she feels about me? It feels VERY awkward to tell her because of how messy it got last time and because I told her I'm past that, but I really need her to tell me for certain one way or another how she feels about me...
How Do I Tell Her I Still Like Her?
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