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Not sure what to do?

I like this guy and I've been friends with him for several years. Sometimes I think he likes me and sometimes I think he's just being friendly. At this rate, I don't think he'll ever make a move (if he does like me). I know that guys love it when girls make the first move BUT I don't want to screw up my friendship with him. I really really really don't want to make things awkward if I say I like him and he doesn't return the feelings. I've heard that guys will pull away and not act their normal selves around that girl anymore. I don't know if I should tell him and risk the consequences, or just get over him, or try flirting a bit more and see what happens. If y'all think the third option is best, what sort of flirting should I do and what sort of response from him should I look out for?

Also, guys, how would you react if a friend of yours told you that she liked you and you didn't like her back? would you pull away completely, temporarily, just forget about it/act like you always do...?
Not sure what to do?
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