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What is he thinking? Should I play it cool or ask him straight out?

So I was seeing this guy for a couple of weeks, everything was going really well. Meeting up in college most days, going for coffee or lunch. And having movie nights and sleepovers. Just cuddles and kissing though. Then he pulls the 'I don't want to get involved with anyone, I'm too complicated at the moment anyway'. I know he's not too long out of relationship. too'. He initiated everything though.

So I was totally bummed obviously. Couldn't get it off my mind. Tbh, falling for him a little..

Then I was out last week and so was he. We saw each other and kept looking over awkwardly for a while. Then he comes over and introduces me to his friends and I end up talking to one of his friends for a good while, which made him jealous as he told me later.

Ended up losing him cause it was so busy and he text me going 'hey x' and I replied 'hey.. I like you' to which he replied 'I like you too'. And I ask him to come say hi to me and tell him where I am. Literally 3 minutes later he's there, and we end up chatting and I go back to his. Cuddling and kissing again. And the next morning we get up around 11ish, Friday morning. And he walks me to college and I had to run because I had to get my stuff off a friend who had to catch a train. So we kissed and hugged goodbye. And texted a little on Friday.

Haven't spoken to him since? Also have no idea what to do? Any guy insight would be good! Or girl? Haha.

All I know is I like him, a lot.
What is he thinking? Should I play it cool or ask him straight out?
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